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Mix & Match Sabre Plates, Bowls & Other Dishes

When it's time to decorate, price point, design and quality are all important factors. And when you think about the finer details of your everyday staples, you envision products that meet your standards for aesthetic as well as functionality. Treat your kitchen to chic dishware that's beautiful enough for a special occasion yet practical enough for everyday use.
Sabre Paris place settings offer a range of minimalist designs that match seamlessly and suit all occasions. When Francis Gelb created his House of Cutlery in Paris in 1993, he had a vision and we know you do too. Whether it's for one or two or the whole crew, when you set the table with Sabre, you'll be able to fulfill your vision of a beautifully comprehensive array of place settings without sacrificing functionality. With Sabre, your fun breakfast, lunch and dinner tableware will also be your fancy tableware.

Gone are the days of keeping specially reserved plates or bowls for guests.Sabre dinnerware marries tradition with style by combining beautiful, vivid colors with artful designs for salad and pasta bowls, mugs and espresso cups, plates and more.
Shop our large selection of unique and colorful porcelain dinnerware, and get creative with mixing and matching! Keep it sleek with deep colors such as petrol or chambray, stay neutral with peaceful cream-based notes of khaki and ivory, or play it up with carnation pink and turquoise. The possibilities are endless because Sabre dinnerware is designed to be playfully combined.