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New York has been at the epicenter of some of the most impactful culture and arts movements since the early 19th century, and today it continues to weave new generations of creatives from its diverse fabric. Catherine Canino has been designing jewelry in New York since 1989. She and her New York team pride themselves in creating designs from the ground up, crafting each classic boutique jewelry piece with careful attention to even the finest detail.

Our customers love Catherine Canino's large Pebble Pearl Earrings, which emulate the classic pearl earring, made modern with a sleek straight bar. We also love pieces that make colorful statements, such as the multi-strand stretch bracelets, and the stunning Rondel Quartz necklaces.
For the horse lover, be sure to check out the Equestrian Toggle necklaces, and just added to our Catherine Canino collection are three more animals: the bunny, the elephant and bird.

Jewelry makers are just a small subsection of artists who have been inspired by the contemporary movements which emerged in modern Europe, quickly making the short journey across the Atlantic. But jewelry trends have left a notable mark on American society for many decades. Particularly at the turn of the century, during the Depression and post-war, art and jewelry trends gathered great momentum along with a range of social and racial movements. The 60s were a time when women challenged their societal roles, and an era of bolder colors and new patterns emerged, ushering a new wave of women's fashion that included London Mod.

Catherine Canino jewelry combines the groundbreaking styles of 60's mod jewelry with timeless and wearable designs that are perfect for everyday and special occasions. All designs are handmade in NYC by an all-women’s team of skilled jewelry artisans who draw from classic and modern art to handcraft a range of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The result is classic and 60's-inspired mod jewelry with a twist: arrangements in gold and silver with pebble pearls, quartz, agate and turquoise. Fall in love with women’s stylish artisan jewelry that's twisted, wrapped, stretchy, chunky, colorful, sleek and eclectic.