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Rock Cotton Clothing

Here you will find comfort clothing with style! Tunics and leggings are made with natural Sueded Supima cotton for an ultimate soft feel. Hand dyed in the USA so each garment is unique and one of a kind. Each tunic comes with a hand cut natural gemstone to perfectly compliment your look. A must have if you want to wear your Rock Cotton to bed for a relaxing sleep, or during the day for a stress free on-the-go travel. Pick a set or mix and match your favorite colors!

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This clothing collection beautifully combines the natural cotton fibers with hand-cut gemstones, creating one of a kind pieces. Made from the finest sueded supima cotton, each tunic comes with a coordinating hand-cut gemstone necklace. Each gemstone has a meaning, which is described on the garment tag. Proudly produced in the USA with unique hand-dyed techniques, making each piece truly a unique piece of art!