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As one of the leaders in the giftware industry, Twos Company prides themselves on providing the market with high fashion products at moderate prices. With a wide array of gifts, this is your one stop shop for gifts, arrangements, favors, and decor for around the house.

 Some of our top sellers here at Scarlett Alley are  the Macaroon Limoge Boxes as our go to favors, the Batik Frames, and our mosaic shell mirrors for the summer season. Our Verre Champagne flutes are both sophisticated and fun, and add a bit of texture to your toast. 
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Twos Company White Marble Cheese Plate with Knife in Gold or
Twos  Company Macaroon Limoge Boxes Set of 12
Twos  Company Batik Print Photo Frames Set of 4
Twos  Company Verre Champagne Flutes Assorted Set of 4
Twos Company Veranda Floral Photo Frames in 3 Sizes
Twos  Company Cote D'Azure Phone Table in Orange
Twos  Company Cote D'Azure Phone Table in Turquoise
Twos  Company Branches Jewelry Holder in 2 Colors
Twos  Company cape town Bone horn Nestin Desk Trays Set of 2
Twos  Company Demitasse Spoons Set of 24
Twos  Company Fluted Trio Vases 36 pieces
Twos Company Fortaleza 72 Piece Emery Boards with Display
Twos  Company Harborside Buoy Ottoman
Twos  Company Heart Limoge Box Set of 12
Twos  Company Lanterns with Rope Handles Set of 3
Twos  company longham gallery tray
Twos  Company Le Soleil Antiqued Wall Mirror
Twos  Company Sunflower Mirror
Twos Company Princeton Mirrored Trays Set of 2
Twos  Company Odyssee de Mer Shell Mosaic Crown Wall Mirror
TWO'S COMPANY Oyster Bay Shell Mosaic Wall MirrorTwos
Twos  Rectangle Python Bench
Two's Company Round Mirrored Trays Set of 2Twos
Two's Company Royal Python Nesting Gallery Trays Set of 3Two
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