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Celebrate life's special moments with a gift of Mariposa. Whether you’re in search
of the perfect wedding, hostess, birthday, corporate or holiday gift—
we’ve got it! Or treat yourself to the best handcrafted recycled aluminum serveware,
frames and home décor, all designed by Mariposa's talented artists. Whimsical,
modern or classic, Mariposa will become your family heirlooms and favorite gifts.

Mariposa products are all handmade. No two pieces are ever exactly alike,
which means you will own a unique work of art.
The majority of Mariposa's designs are crafted from 100% recycled materials,
and utilize ecologically responsible techniques.

Free shipping for items $74.95 and over!

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Mariposa Classic Serving Bowl
Mariposa Classic Oval Platter
Mariposa Classic Long Tray
Mariposa Classic Service Tray
Mariposa Classic Rectangular Platter
Mariposa Pearled Oval Handled Tray
Mariposa Pearled Small Deep Dish Server
Mariposa Pearled Small Driftwood Cheese Board
Mariposa Pearled Handled Driftwood Serving Board
Mariposa Pearled Oval Cheese Board
Mariposa Stacked Football Bottle Opener
Mariposa Football Sauce Dish
Mariposa Football Sectional Server
Mariposa Bear Bottle Opener
MARIPOSA Cheers Bottle Opener
MARIPOSA 5 oclock Bottle Opener
Mariposa Classic Wine Set
MARIPOSA Brillante Anchor Bottle Opener
MARIPOSA String Of Pearls Guestbook Platter w/ Etching Pen
MARIPOSA Brillante Lobster Bottle Opener
MARIPOSA Brillante Shark  Bottle Opener
MARIPOSA Brillante Anchor Bottle Opener
MARIPOSA Seahorse Bottle Opener
MARIPOSA Medium Pearled Candlestick Set FREE SHIPPING
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