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Mariposa's goals are to bring innovative design to a refined, age-old process where little had changed for centuries and to make a local art international. An endless line of subtle, beautiful, and contemporary home decor, kitchen accessories, and serveware such as candle holders, serving accessories, frames, bottle openers and so much more. Everyone needs a little Mariposa in their home.

Pictured left, The Mariposa "Guestbook" A tray in which guests can engrave signatures and well wishes, transforming it into a memory as well as a functioning piece.

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MARIPOSA Cosmos Sauce Dish
MARIPOSA Forget-Me-Not Sauce Dish in Blue
MARIPOSA Peony Sauce Dish
MARIPOSA Ginkgo Individual Bowl in Green FREE SHIPPING
MARIPOSA Peony Tea Light Set of 2
MARIPOSA Geranium Platter in Pink Berry
MARIPOSA BRILLANTE: Gregarious Garden Sunflower &
MARIPOSA String Of Pearls Guestbook Platter w/ Etching Pen
MARIPOSA I Do Beaded Square Tray
MARIPOSA Pearled Sma;; Oval Platter
MARIPOSA Pearled Oval Platter with Wood
MARIPOSA String of Pearls Long Oval Platter FREE SHIPPING
 String of Pearls Rectangular Long Platter
 String of Pearls - Rectangular Platter
String of Pearls, Pearled Square Platter Small
String of Pearls - Wavy Oval Platter
String of Pearls - Wavy Round Platter
MARIPOSA Triple Pearl Oval Platter FREE SHIPPING
MARIPOSA Triple Pearl Square Platter FREE SHIPPING
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View All | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9