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Let's toast to our eclectic collection of styles, textures,
and colors of champagne glasses and flutes!

The Roost Dainty Flutes and Soiree Champagne Glasses
are Scarlett Alley favorites and come in assorted designs.
Nambe's Forever Flutes make a gorgeous wedding gift.
Vietri and Iittala will make your toast classically elegant,
and Mariposa uses 100% recycled glass.

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Hortense B. Hewitt Elegant Flute Set in 3 Styles
Roost Zanzibar Jumbo Party Bucket
Hortense B. Hewitt Bride and Groom Toasting Glasses Set of 2
Roost Dandelion Flower Glassware
VIETRI Optical Amber Champagne
Roost Etched Berry Glassware
VIETRI Optical Red Champagne
VIETRI Optical Gold Champagne
VIETRI Optical Platinum Champagne
Roost Verglas Glassware Collection
VIETRI Optical Clear Champagne
VIETRI Puccinelli Clear Classic Champagne
Roost Platinum Verglas Glassware Collection
Roost Soiree Champagne Glasses
VIETRI Pantelleria Champagne Glass
Roost  Soirée Aperitif Glasses Set of 6 Colors
Roost Modern Aperitif Glasses Set of 6
Roost Platinum Etched Glasses
Roost Linea Glassware
IITTALA Essence Cocktail Bowl Glass
Roost Ibex Glassware
IITTALA Aarne Champagne Glass
Roost Fern & Frond Champagne Flutes Set of 6
MARIPOSA Bellini: Bubble - Champagne Flute
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