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Your wine will sparkle in timeless glassware from Vietri, Roost, and Iittala.
Scarlett Alley favorites include the elegant and colorful Optical glasses
from Italian Vietri, and modern Essence glasses from Iittala.
Entertain outside with Le Cadeaux's melamine collection -
sturdy and virtually unbreakable. Mariposa's 100% recycled
glasses also come in fun colors for entertaining both inside and out.

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Roost Platinum Etched Glasses
Le Cadeaux Fleur Wine Glass Plum Set of 6
VIETRI Optical Gold Wine
VIETRI Optical Red Water
IITTALA Essence Plus 13.75oz Wine Glass <br> set of 2
VIETRI Optical Platinum Water
LE CADEAUEX Moroccan Teal Iced Tea Glass Set of 6
MARIPOSA Swirl DOF in Blue Set of 4
IITTALA Essence Plus After Dinner Digestive Glass set of 2
MARIPOSA Swirl Highball  in Amber  Set of 4
Roost  Soirée Aperitif Glasses Set of 6 Colors
Roost Modern Aperitif Glasses Set of 6
Roost   Copenhagen Carafes
Le Cadeaux Fleur Water Glass Light Green Set of 6
VIETRI Optical Clear Water
VIETRI Optical Amber Wine
MARIPOSA Swirl Pitcher in Aqua
Roost Etched Berry Glassware
IITTALA Tapio Red Wine Glass
MARIPOSA Swirl Pitcher in Blue
IITTALA Tapio Sherry Glass
LE CADEAUEX Moroccan Berry Red Wine Glass Set of 6
Roost Ibex Glassware
Roost  Alvarado Six Bottle Wine Holder
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