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Here at Scarlett Alley, where we always have your needs in serveware and entertaining serving decor and necessities. With things like pitchers, salt and pepper shakers, or the salt celler or salt dish if you want to switch it u and offer a different take on sprinkling salt. Nambe offers a modernized take on clean and classic steel and wood serveware. Mariposa make festive and quaint pitchers, gravy boats and salt and pepper shakers.
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VIETRI Bianco Acqua Bottle
VIETRI Bianco Handled Olive Oil Can
VIETRI Bianco Vino Pitcher
VIETRI Bianco White Large Footed Pitcher
VIETRI Cucina Fresca Assorted Dipping Bowl
VIETRI Cucina Fresca Assorted Dipping Bowl
Sold in sets of 4
$17.00 ea.
VIETRI Fish-Fish Fish-Shaped Pitcher
VIETRI Hydrangea Pitcher
VIETRI Incanto Aqua Baroque Butter Dish
VIETRI Incanto Aqua Scallop Condiment Bowl
VIETRI Incanto Aqua Stripe Pitcher
VIETRI Lasta Aqua Olive Boat
VIETRI Lastra Aqua Condiment Bowl
VIETRI Lastra Aqua Creamer
VIETRI Lastra Aqua Olive Oil Can
VIETRI Lastra Aqua Pitcher
VIETRI Lastra Aqua Salt and Pepper
VIETRI Lastra Aqua Sauce Server
VIETRI Lastra Aqua Sugar
VIETRI Lastra Aqua Tavern Pitcher
VIETRI Lastra Fish Condiment Bowl
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