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Our collection makes home cooking fun with casserole dishes,
rectangular and oval bakers, and pots & pans any chef would enjoy.
Delight dinner guests by taking a Vietri baker from oven to table.
Or taste the difference with Nambe's CookServ line, which combines
artful elegance with cutting edge cooking technology, designed to hold
in moisture and enhance flavor (and look fabulous at your dinner table!)

VIETRI Bellezza White Square Oven Casserole
VIETRI Lastra Aqua Handled Round Baker
VIETRI Bellezza Medium Rectangular Baking Dish
VIETRI Lastra Aqua Handled Oval Baker
VIETRI Lastra Red Square Baker
Vietri Forma Cloud Square Baking Dish
VIETRI Lastra Gray Handled Round Baker
VIETRI Incanto Lace Small Square Baking Dish
VIETRI Lastra Gray Square Baker
VIETRI Incanto White Stripe Square Oven Casserole Dish