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Scent is the most powerful of all the senses, so let our collection of candles and diffusers take you to your happy place. VOLUSPA Candles, made of the cleanest burning coconut wax, not only smell amazing, but the beaded glass will look lovely on any table. The 8 Piece Petite Candle Gift Set in Maison Blanc or Noir includes 8 of their best scents, a perfect gift for anyone. Display your votives in our VIETRI Incanto Mare Turtle Votive Candleholder, an adorable addition to any home. 
ELIZABETH W Candle in Vetiver
ELIZABETH W Diffuser in Vetiver
NIVEN MORGAN Jean Baptiste 1717 Fragrant Candle
Riverside Seaglass Votive in Gold
Riverside Seaglass Votive in White Tree

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