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 From statement-making to sentimental, we've got a necklace to please anyone. Personalize it with John Wind, Nashelle, or Initial Reaction. Color-fiends will love Trois Petits Points Paris Enamel Lockets and Catherine Canino's pebble pearls. Kick up your personal style with statement pieces from Alexis Bittar, or anything by Kevia - made of 100% recycled materials.
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Catherine Canino Blue Quartz Lariat
Roost Sarisang Lapis Collection
Sarah Magid Reversible Fuschia Pink Agate Cone
Catherine Canino Persimmon Quartz S Hook Necklace
Sarah Magid Turquoise Pointilist Pendant
Alexis Bittar Jagged Diamond Layered Necklace
John Wind Maximal Art The Lena Horne Convertible Necklace
Catherine Canino Blue Quartz Equestrian Necklace
Catherine Canino Paper Clip Fire Crystal Necklace
JOHN WIND MAXIMAL ART Mini Coin Pearl Initial Necklace in Go
Sarah Magid Reversible Pearl Cone Pendant
Sarah Magid Montparnasse Charm Necklace
CATHERINE CANINO Coral Lacquer Pebble Pearl Pendant
Catherine Canino Blue Quartz Twist Necklace
Sarah Magid Mini Pearl Cone Pendant
ROOST Pin Necklace in Labradorite
Catherine Canino Paper Clip Grey Crystal Necklace
CATHERINE CANINO Stirrup and Hook Taupe Pebble Pearl Necklac
Sarah Magid Montparnasse Charm Necklace
Catherine Canino Orange Chalcedony S Hook Necklace
Alexis Bittar Jagged Diamond Spear Necklace
Maya J Collection Cz Lightening Bolt in Yellow Gold
SSilver Seasons Bittersweet Long Necklace
Catherine Canino Large Turquoise Pebble Pearl Pendant
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