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Necklaces...Necklaces... Is their such a thing as too many necklaces? We didn't think so, and you do not even want me to list our endless lines and collections we have in store. Necklaces are perfect for accessorizing and gifting every generation.
Add to your beach attire this season with Wasabi's line of necklaces made from beach stones, ocean coral,raffia, and other summery sea accessories. 
Go with a personal touch like John Winds Initial collections and a newer brand we offer Initial Reaction, which has a beautifully self explanatory name so let me go on about some other great collections before i bore you. We can  hardly keep our store stocked with our Trois Petits Points Paris Enameled Lockets. They are in high demand every season, as is our go to brand for anything statement jewelry like Alexis Bittar.
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CATHERINE CANINO Coral Lacquer Pendant with Fire Orange Cord
MAYA J COLLECTION 14K Small Lips Pendant in 4 Colors
ROOST Green Tourmaline Trapeze Earrings or Necklace
WASABI Multi Size Pearl dangling Chain, in 3 Finishes
CATHERINE CANINO Coral Lacquered Pearl Necklace in Gold
JOHN WIND MAXIMAL ART Toggle Chain Necklace in 3 Finishes
JOHN WIND MAXIMAL ART Mixed Metal Chain Necklace
ALEXIS BITTAR Deco Rhodium Medium Crystal Pave Framed Arrowh
JOHN WIND MAXIMAL ART Convertible Mixed Metal Chain Necklace
JOHN WIND MAXIMAL ART Long Mixed Metal Chain Necklace
CATHERINE CANINO White Pebble Pearl Lasso Hook Necklace in S
JOHN WIND MAXIMAL ART Ribbon Chain Necklace in 2 Finishes
NASHELLE Astrid Untamed Necklace in Amethyst
WASABI White Sequin Pearls Double Strand Necklace, in 2 Fini
JOHN WIND MAXIMAL ART Etched Ring Chain Necklace in Silver
MICHAEL VINCENT MICHAUD Single Faceted Oval Necklace in Turq
NASHELLE Zodiac Identity Necklace Aquarius
WASABI Rose Gold Pearled and Leather Necklace, in 2 Finishes
MICHAEL VINCENT MICHAUD Faceted Pear Shaped Necklace in Cob
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