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From rustic antler candle holders from Roost to modern candle sticks by Nambe, 
 our Collection of Candles and Holders is tailored to suit any home.

Set the mood or boost decor with our selection of tea candle & votive holders by Two's Company, Riverside Seaglass, & more.

Capri Blue Candles by DPM Fragrance have scents that will take you back to your best memories, or create new ones. 
Roost Chalice Tealight Holders Set of 6
ROOST Serpentine Tealight Holders, in 2 sizes
ROOST Dark Driftwood Candelabra
ROOST Dark Driftwood Candelabra
ROOST Selenite Tealight Holder
ROOST Polished Antler Pillar Candle Holders
Roost Etched Berry Glassware
Roost Platinum Verglas Glassware Collection
ROOST Polished Antler Candlesticks
ROOST Polished Antler Candlesticks, in 2 Sizes
Sold in sets of 2
$69.95 ea.
ROOST Polished Antler Candle Holder
ROOST Polished Antler Multi Candle Holder
Sold in sets of 2
$119.95 ea.
ROOST Bronze Antler Candlesticks
ROOST Bronze Antler Candlesticks, in 2 Sizes
Sold in sets of 2
$69.95 ea.
Tozai Home Gold Renaissance Candlesticks Set of 5
Riverside Seaglass Votive in Black Tree
Twos  Company Mercury Glass Votive Set of 12
Riverside Seaglass Votive in Copper
Riverside Seaglass Votive in Gold
Roost  Etched Botanical Mini Tealights Set of 6
Roost Golden Berry Glassware
Riverside Seaglass Votive in White Tree
MICHAEL MICHAUD Candle Holder Magnolia
MARIPOSA Pearled Candlestick Set FREE SHIPPING
Mariposa 6.75" Pearled Candlesticks
Sold in sets of 2
$38.95 ea.