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Christenings/Namings are both beautiful and commemorative, so we always say to go with a more personal gift. Offering gifts to the family and the newborn like Michael Michauds Baby Boxes, beautiful keepsakes to hold babys first tooth and curl securely. A Bedford Downing Glass Personalized Music Box is always a great go to gift. A beautifully scripted Box to sit beautifully on thier dresser, and lul baby to bed at night. Nambe and Mariposa have sweet offerings like beautiful porringer sets, feeding sets, wish banks, rattles and more. What A Dish is a perfect gift for a naming party to celebrate the new identity with thier own personalized Dishware! 
INITIAL REACTION Enameled Nameplate Necklace
INITIAL REACTION Enameled Sideways Cross Necklace
BEDFORD DOWNING GLASS 30 Note Beveled music Box 4 x 7
Michael Michaud Table Art Baby Boxes
what a dish cup, plate and bowl
What A Dish Personalized Pottery Cup, Plate and Bowl; in Cor
What A Dish Personalized Pottery Frame in Blossom Pink
What A Dish Personalized Pottery Frame in Sweetpea Green