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An assorted collection of jewelry, personalized accessories, toys, phone gadgets, and other fun things those in-beTWEENers will like.

Our Initial Reaction, Nashelle, and John Wind necklaces are a hit with the young ladies, offering a personal touch to thier accessorizing. Young gentlemen enjoy our SmartLab Blast Warehouse Demolition Lab... but girls have just as much fun playing mad scientist with the Secret Formula Lab.  

One thing NO adolescent wants is a dead cellphone! Triple C Designs has 'em covered with solar backup batteries and Power Purses. And their Bluetooth speakers, ear buds, and other techcessories come in styles that don't suck.

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SMART LAB TOYS Extreme Secret Formula Lab
SMART LAB TOYS ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover
SMART LAB TOYS Triple Blast Warehouse Demolition Lab
Triple C Designs Power Wallet in Kenya
Trois Petits Points Paris Gold Enameled Locket in Cornflower
Trois Petits Points Paris Gold Enameled Locket in Grapefruit
Triple C Designs BlueGo Bluetooth Speaker in Palace
UNCLE GOOSE Elemental Block Set
Zara Terez Emoji Performance Capri Pants
Eff.Y.Bee Bliss Stack in Periwinkle
Objecto Humidifier's H4 Hybrid Humidifier with Remote
Zara Terez New York City Ariel Performance Capri Pants
Eff.Y.Bee Bliss Stack in Gold and Pink
eyebobs Passion Nut Readers in Assorted Colors
Objecto Humidifier's H7 Ultrasonic Humidifier in Red
Triple c Designs SecuriTag in Crossword
UNCLE GOOSE Presidential Blocks
Zara Terez Citrus Performance Hoodie in Citrus
Eff.Y.Bee Bliss Stack in Emerald City
Triple C Designs Power Card Back Up Battery in Gold
Zara Terez Citrus Performance Hoodie in Sprinkles
UNCLE GOOSE United States Blocks
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