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Our Collection of scarves and gloves are the final touches your outfit needs to look polished and classic. 

Add a feminine touch with Carolina Amato bow driving gloves (excellent for brides), or snag a pair of her touch-tech gloves to prevent numb fingers from phone use in the cold weather.

 Fall in love with our Shawlux silk and cashmere scarves, uniquely printed in cityscapes and artistic masterpieces.  
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CAROLINA AMATO Fingerless Leather Driving Glove in 6 Colors
Sayami Cashemre  and Silk Blend Animal print Scarf
SHAWLUX All Eyes On Me Shawl/Scarf
SHAWLUX New York City 5th Ave Shoppers Shawl/Scarf
CAROLINA AMATO Knit Mini Shrug in 2 Colors
Sayami Wool Clove Print Shawl in Grey Combo
SHAWLUX City Of Love Shawl/Scarf
CAROLINA AMATO Quilted Leather Fingerless in 2 Colors
Sayami Wool Clove Print Shawl in Pink  Combo
SHAWLUX In a New York Minute Shawl/Scarf
Sayami Wool Embroidered Scroll Scarf in BlackSayami
CAROLINA AMATO Leather Melange Knit Combo
SHAWLUX Rio Rainbow Shawl/Scarf
SHAWLUX Time Square Taxi Shawl/Scarf
CAROLINA AMATO Cashmere and Suede Fingerless Glove
SHAWLUX Catwalk Queen Shawl/Scarf
SHAWLUX Chrysler Building Full Moon Shawl/Scarf
CAROLINA AMATO Fingerless Buckle in 2 Colors
SHAWLUX NYC Leopard Shawl/Scarf
CAROLINA AMATO Italian Serpente Gloves
CAROLINA AMATO Kitty Hat in Heather Gray
CAROLINA AMATO Lambskin Touch Tech Texting Glove in Black
CAROLINA AMATO Leather Rosette Mid Arm Glove in Black
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