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Roost presents a sophisticated, whimsical, one of a kind style with their jewelry. Highlighting the natural beauty of rough cut stones like Lapis, Chalcedony, Crystal Quartz, Agate and more!

Bright blue Lapis Kondia Collection and Metallic Drusy Necklaces are the perfect bold sentiment to your ensemble. Our Diamond Pave collection of rings, earrings and more is perfect for day or night and our collection of brass mirrors and mirrored nesting trays make getting ready and showcasing your accessories as elegant as you. 

Roost Pin Earring Collection
Roost Fire Opal Collection
Roost Morninglory Locket Collection
Roost Sarisang Lapis Collection
Roost Ursa Collection
Roost Diamond Drop and Pave Collections
Roost Iolite Beaded Clusters, 3 pieces
Roost Pin Necklace Collection
Roost Marea Stacking Rings
Roost Marea Precious Stone Rings and Charm Bracelet
Roost Vertical Scenic Agate Necklace
Roost Diamond Pave Bangle and Quartz Crystal Points Collecti
Roost Contrasting Drusy Necklaces in 2 Colors
Roost Florin Mirror Collection
Roost Brass Rectangle Nesting Trays Set of 3
Roost Brass Square Nesting Trays Set of 5