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Rugged yet refined, Roost serveware adds a rustic elegance to any dinner table. Add unique charm to every meal with the twig-inspired Bronze Sapling Flatware & Salad Servers, Aura Tableware, and Dachshund Oil & Vinegar/ Salt & Pepper sets. 

ROOST Santa Cruz Set of 2 Trays
ROOST Pair of Pigs Salt and Pepper Shakers
ROOST Hemingway Nesting Trays
ROOST Hemingway Folding Compartment Tray
ROOST Granada Trays
ROOST Tetra Glassware Large Bowl
ROOST Tetra Glassware Small Bowl
ROOST Silver Sapling Salad Servers
ROOST Bark Salad Servers
ROOST Bronze Sapling Flatware
ROOST Bronze Sapling Salad Servers
ROOST Aura Tableware
ROOST Brown Forest Marble Boards
ROOST Dachshund Oil & Vinegar Set
ROOST Dachshund Salt & Pepper Set

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